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New members can apply to join the club at any time. All swimmers will become members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association; pay a yearly fee and monthly fees determined by which squad they join. At present there is a waiting list but we do all we can to get swimmers into the club as soon as possible after application as we can.

Novice swimmers must be at least 6 years of age and have completed Level 3 of the ‘Learn to Swim’ programme to be considered for assessment. Assessments of young swimmers are carried out in January, March and September by Junior Club Coach John Wishart who will determine a swimmers suitability to join the club and which of the junior squads they should join. Please contact swimmingcdsc@gmail.com to register your interest and you will be advised of the next trial date. Please note that there is a waiting list at present.

Experienced swimmers aged over 10yrs who wish to join the club, perhaps moving from another swimming club, should be initially assessed by a senior club coach. He/she will decide whether the swimmer is capable of undertaking the higher level of swimming and hours demanded in Senior Club or if they need to be assessed for placement within Junior Club. Please contact swimmingcdsc@gmail.com to register your interest and we shall contact you back to discuss further.

Coaching is delivered by our team of qualified swim teachers and coaches. The club currently enjoys the voluntary support of 14 qualified swim teachers/coaches.

If you can help volunteer poolside as a parent/carer then we will be happy to process your details to get you poolside to help or you can join our club committee which is also operated by volunteers and where an extra helping hand is always welcome.

A full list of swim times, squad structure and costs can be found on the club website by visiting www.cuparswimming.com or for any other information or query please email swimmingcdsc@gmail.com

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