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Fee Structure

Swimming Club Fees are split into 3 parts: Annual SASA membership, Annual Club membership and Monthly Training Fees.

To join or rejoin the club you need to complete and return a Membership Form to ensure that we have the correct details for each swimmer and arrange to pay the amounts stated on the Form by electronic bank transfer / standing order or by cheque / cash to the club  (Payment by electronic method is the preferred option of payment as this eases our administration, please make sure to add a reference). 

Annual fees (SASA and Club) decline, pro-rata in the first year, depending on when you join the club. Please see below. 

Should you choose not to rejoin CADSC it would be very helpful to know so that we can adjust our records accordingly.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the coming year and we trust everyone is enjoying their swimming.

SASA Fees – £43 payable to the club (annual renewal or joining the club between April and August 2019). 

£27 (September to December 2019)

£11.25 (January to March 2020)

Annual Club Membership Fees – £25 (September to December 2019)

£12.50 (September to December 2019)

£6.25 (January to March 2020)

The monthly Squad Fees are as follows:-

  • Minnows, Piranhas, Dolphins, Wed Night, Masters – £18/ month.
  • Sharks £26/ month
  • Training £28/ month
  • Development £35/ month
  • Gold £42/ month
  • Performance £56/ month

 NEW FEES APPLY from 1st SEPTEMBER. Could I ask you all to update your standing orders before then? It will make my life (and yours!) soooo much easier.

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