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What is this swim day, you ask?

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So to answer and expand on what the swim day is and where the idea came from I thought I would write it up and share via the website, twitter and facebook. (yes we have a twitter feed, it’s fed from the website as is the cupar swimming facebook person)

The idea behind the swim day is to run a technical day of swimming and swimming education. The idea is not for a fitness session but a technique session and technical session. The will be lead by one of Scotlands top youth Coaches from East Kilbride swimming Club, who is also the Scottish Youth Development Coach.

The idea behind the swim day has come from the program that Scottish swimming are running called the Development Regional Program or DRP. More information on this can be found here https://www.scottishswimming.com/compete/swimming/national-squads/district-regional-programme.aspx

So, it’s not going to be a physically tough day. It will be mentally stimulating and will definitely benefit all the swimmers that come. Even if you can make part of the day, it will still benefit you.

So Sharks upwards, this is for you, to help you get a flying start to the coming season!

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