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Membership – Joining and Renewals

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Dear swimmer & supportive taxi driving adult

Please find attached all the information you need to renew your or your child’s membership of Cupar and District Swimming Club. Annual Membership runs from 1st March 2017 to 28th February 2018 so completed forms & payments covering that period are now due.
Membership of SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) is mandatory for all swimming members & covers insurances & access to competitions, alongside other benefits. SASA joining and renewal information is included in the attached files.

In summary – to join, or renew your membership please :

• Complete the Membership form (attached)

• Complete and sign the Club Athlete Code of Conduct (attached)

• Complete a SASA application form (new joiners only)

• Return all documents above to the club table (SASA form for new joiners only)

• Pay SASA membership fee to the club (£43.00 per swimmer

• Pay annual membership fee to the club (£25.00 per swimmer)

• Ensure monthly training fee standing order is set up

• Turn up, train hard, have fun !

thanks for your support & prompt return of the forms. Please note – SASA fees must be paid to the club – do not pay SASA directly

Apologies if you receive this email twice – we try to ensure blanket coverage. Apologies also if you have recently informed us of a decision to leave the club, we are in the process of updating our email contact lists.

Please note – no forms/no payment = no swimming!

Stuart – Secretary CADSC

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