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Certificate of Achievement

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Over the past 6 to 12 months we as a club have under taken a project to increase the amount of information that we have on hand to give out to new and existing members. This is a constant process that we are aiming to ramp up at the beginning of next session.
The first visible outcome of this has been when one of our swimmers moves up into the senior squad and the receive a certificate. This is partly for the child to give them something tangible for their efforts but also it servers a function for us the parents. The back of these certificates has the squad information about the new squad they are joining.
This information includes when the sessions are, what is expected of the swimmer, equipment that is expected and the new price of the squad.
CertAchieve (2)
This is just the start of the information that we want to be able to have on hand at the club and we will have more.
We will soon be sending out a draft of the new club hand book, it’s not complete, there is a lot of information that we have to pull together to get it done but we wanted to get some information out now. Feel free to suggest what other information you think would be useful.
The biggest thing from all of this is please try to get involved, even if it is just to bake cakes for the next cake fund raiser.
Thank you.

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