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How to get your club record result recognised.

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To achieve a club record, the swimmer must be competing at either a top level meet (level One) or a middle level meet (Level Two). Friendly galas and most local club galas are mainly at Level Three. When a club chooses to run a gala, they have to apply for a licence from Scottish Swimming to run the event and they will be told what level the meet will be set at given the type of swimming to be undertaken. Most of the galas we attend are at level two with the exception of the Novice Leagues where they are at level three. In a level three meet, the swimmer is probably less experienced and therefore swim judges are more likely to not disqualify a swimmer for a rule infringement. It is for this reason, we do not accept them as club records, as in truth the child may have achieved a time with some illegal element to their stroke/finish/start etc.

The Head Coach holds the club records and it is his responsibility to check the results achieved against club records. Parents and swimmers too can help by identifying that they believe they have set a new record. For a new record to be entered onto the club records sheet, there must be an application form completed and submitted to the swimming club committee who will check the details and agree a club record has been set. Thereafter the club records will be amended and the application kept on file. This application form must be submitted either in hard copy or electronically to the head coach who will present the application to committee for approval. This should in all circumstances be done within 28 days of the record being set.

Age is on the day of the competition and our records relate to short course swims only (swims achieved in a 25m pool). Any further queries about club records, please contact the Head Coach Mark Laing.


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