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Water for Training

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DRINKS – over the last week I have become aware that too many of our athletes are turning up to train with either no water bottle or a tiny 330ml bottle to drink. Swimmers should be carrying a full container of either water or lightly sugared drinks. 750ml or thereabouts is needed.

I have been asked on numerous occasions to fill up water bottles for swimmers who bring them empty to training. Given that we are not training at Cupar and I consequently have to leave the poolside completely at Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Lochgelly, this cannot work.

Swimmers must, for their own health and wellbeing, bring at least one filled bottle to drink whilst training and something to take for recovery on the way home too. Sorry to sound like a moaning Minnie but I have to have them staying hydrated.

Mark Laing

Head Coach, Cupar and District Swimming Club

Member of the British Swimming Coaches Assoc.

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