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Blairgowrie Novice Gala – Perth 31/8/2014

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Blairgowrie Novice Gala – Perth 31/8/2014

On Sunday 31st August a team of the best young swimmers from our beginner groups (The Real Novices) travelled to Perth to compete in a Gala organised by Blairgowrie Swimming Club. Also competing were Dundee Aquatics and Kinross Otters.

If anyone is wondering about the quality of swimmer we have in our beginner groups then they would only have to have watched our swimmers at Perth. From winning the first freestyle relay to winning the final Cannon relay all swimmers gave their best. Indeed every event was done in a personal best by the Cupar swimmer which led eventually to Cupar winning the Gala Cup.

It would be wrong to pick out one swimmer in particular however I have to mention the contribution made by Torin Ellis-Morton. He was the only 10 and over boy we had in the team and so had to swim all the strokes and the relays and yet he accepted the task without complaint.

The full team was: Jorja Darlington, Kate Dalglish, Callum Lindsay, Theo Ellis-Morton, Emily Rea, Sophie Juskowiak, Cameron Blair, Micah vanBlerk, OliviaMcLennan, Emma Blair,Torin Ellis-Morton.

Well done to all.

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