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Swimmer Age Group Event Entry Result PB
Jessica MacLeod (Flash) 9 & Under 25m Back 26.10 22.24 – 3.86
Logan Manson 9 & Under 25m Back 33.10 30.61 – 2.49
Sophie Juskowiak  (Flash) 10-12 Years 50m Back 51.71 49.85 – 1.86
Rowan Wingfield-Hayes (Flash) 10-12 Years 50m Back 56.00 49.54 – 6.46
Inver Petrie 10-12 Years 50m Back 53.84 1.00.34  
Kate Dalglish 9 & Under 25m Breast 30.70 29.09 – 1.61
Grace Finlay 10-12 Years 50m Breast 56.88 58.39  
Isla Lorimer 10-12 Years 50m Breast 1.05.00 56.68 – 8.32
Rachel Haacker 10-12 Years 50m Breast 1.06.25 1.02.00 – 4.25
Jock Robertson 10-12 Years 50m Breast 1.03.80 1.03.61 – 0.19
Mia Anderson 9 & Under 25m Butterfly 34.71 25.78 – 8.93
Scarlett Ferris (Flash) 10-12 Years 50m Butterfly 51.21 46.96 – 4.25
Ebony Sharp 10-12 Years 50m Butterfly 1.08.00 54.51 – 13.49
Oliver Goad (Flash) 10-12 Years 50m Butterfly 48.90 46.76 – 2.14
Hannah Staal 9 & Under 25m Freestyle 27.21 23.30 – 3.91
Theo Ellis-Morton 9 & Under 25m Freestyle 29.14 24.14 – 5.00
Abigail Cousins (Flash) 10-12 Years 50m Freestyle 45.32 42.46 – 2.86
Danielle Ashford 10-12 Years 50m Freestyle 59.27 47.70 – 9.57
Cameron McMaster (Flash) 10-12 Years 50m Freestyle 43.74 36.42 – 7.32
Jessica MacLeod 9 & Under 50m Butterfly 56.60 56.93  
Grace Finlay 10-12 Years 100m IM 1.42.90 1.55.82  
Isla Lorimer 10-12 Years 100m IM 2.01.52 1.54.96 – 6.56
Rachel Haacker 10-12 Years 100m IM 2.11.11 2.16.79  
Cameron McMaster 10-12 Years 100m IM 1.44.43 1.35.96 – 8.47
100m Individual Medley Relay
                  Team Swimmer Stroke Entry Result PB
Girls 9 & Under A Jess MacLeod Backstroke 1.46.36 1.45.15 2nd
  Kate Dalglish Breaststroke      
  Mia Anderson Butterfly      
  Hannah Staal Freestyle      
Girls 10-12 Years A Rowan W-Hayes Backstroke 1.33.12 1.32.90 1st
  Grace Finlay Breaststroke      
  Scarlett Ferris Butterfly      
  Abigail Cousins Freestyle      
Girls 10-12 Years B Sophie Juskowiak Backstroke 1.44.71 1.39.10 6th
  Isla Lorimer Breaststroke      
  Ebony Sharp Butterfly      
  Danielle Ashford Freestyle      
Boys 10-12 Years A Inver Petrie Backstroke 1.39.70 1.36.52 4th
  Jock Robertson Breaststroke      
  Oliver Goad Butterfly      
  Cameron McMaster Freestyle      

The six amigos poolside, Left to Right – Oliver Goad, Inver Petrie, Cameron McMaster, Theo Ellis-Morton, Jock Robertson and Logan Manson


Sunday morning saw our young swimmers return to the Novice League competition with round three at Carnegie Leisure Centre, Dunfermline. Nineteen swimmers raced throughout the morning with 19 out of 24 swims producing lifetime best swims.  Swimmers who race faster than the cut off time for Novice League achieve a flash and this weekend we picked up a healthy seven speed flashes.


The morning started brilliantly with Jessica MacLeod picking up a flash with a great 25m Backstroke swim in the first event. Logan Manson then picked up a PB followed by first-time novice league swimmer Sophie Juskowiak picking up a flash and Rowan too swimming a super race for a flash.


The Breaststroke then followed with a number of swimmers racing to personal bests but no flashes here. Kate swam strongly in her heat and set a new PB. Isla and Rachel followed and they too both set excellent new PB times.


In the Butterfly everyone set a new PB, with Ebony Sharp, newly promoted to the Bronze Squad, swimming the greatest improvement of the day, taking nearly 14 seconds off. Scarlett and Oliver who were really excited about their races both won their age groups and set flash times too. Scarlett now has only one last flash to win.


The Freestyle also saw everybody swim a lifetime best with Hannah and Theo both racing strongly in the 25m. The 50m had Abigail Cousins swim a super-fast race to win a flash, Danielle took nearly ten-seconds off and she was suffering from a sore hand and Cameron finished off the Freestyle with the gala swim of the day, producing an eye-watering 36.42 swim to finish way ahead of the other fastest boys and secure a flash by nearly 7 seconds. Jessica then returned to the water, swimming 50m fly this time, and raced to a time very close to her PB. The 100m was the final individual event of the morning with Isla and Cameron picking up PB’s.

As per usual, the greatest excitement was reserved for the relay races at the end where our 9 and under girls swam into second place overall, our 10 and over girls A team, once again swam to victory with the B team placing 6th. The boy’s team had a great race and finished 4th overall missing out on 3rd by one-hundredth of a second!!


My thanks to the parents who undertook timekeeping duties and to Callum Ellis-Morton, Alan Cousins and Jane Staal for their assistance poolside. Back in the water with our last Fife Novice Gala of the year on May 11th at the Michael Woods in Glenrothes.


Mark Laing

Lead Coach, Cupar and District Swimming Club

28th April, 2014

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