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Coaches Report August 2013

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2nd September 2013

Since my last report on 15th August the following has taken place:

  • Former club swimmer Sam McKiddie has returned to the club from Dundee City Aquatics. He has joined the Gold Squad. Owen Green has also returned to Cupar from InCAS and he too swims with the Gold Squad. An 11-yr-old American lad called Bernard Gil was assessed last week and he is to begin swimming with the Bronze Squad. He trained with a swim club out in the United States prior to his move. Two new swimmers have approached the club in the last week to try out for places in Senior Squad. Both have been asked to come to swimming on Tuesday 3rd September so that they can be assessed.

  • Aidan Borchers has left the club unfortunately and he will be missed by both coaches and swimmers.

  • Coaches are currently providing me with copies of their coaching certificates so that we can have an electronic store of information regarding their qualifications etc.

  • On Friday 30th September, John Dougall met with the parents of swimmers who have applied to join the new Fife Development Squad and updated them on how the squad will run. The following swimmers have applied to join – Corrie Hay, Adam Young, Findlay and Euan Baillie, Murdo Denholm, Katie Ross and Ben Levy. It is anticipated that the first session will be Tuesday 17th September at Lochgelly High School.

  • Confirmation has been received that the Fife Performance Swimming Squad Warm Weather Camp is going ahead in Torremolinos, Spain from 9th – 16th October. Club swimmers Abby Hay, Lewis Baillie and Thomas Farrell have signed up to go. Forrest Hamilton and I will be attending as coaches to support both our swimmers and the rest of FPSS. Hopefully this will lead to preparations thereafter for CADSC swimmers not in the FPSS to attend the camp in 2014 which is likely to be hosted in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Stirling training has not received a sufficient number of swimmers showing interest, possibly because it clashes with the Leuchars Airshow, so consequently we have offered swimtime to Step Rock who are to let me know numbers within the next few days. I will be coaching both their swimmers and ours in what I see as a step forward for swimming in North East Fife.

  • I was confirmed in post on Friday 30th August as lead coach for the next year and look forward to continuing to take the club forward.

  • Over the weekend our swimmers competed brilliantly at the Dunedin Challenge Meet, the details of which have been circulated.

  • Confirmation has been received that the Disability Coaches course that I am to attend on Wednesday 4th September in Dalkeith is still going ahead and I will report next month on how that goes.

  • Discussions are still on-going regarding moves between squads and access to more swim time as a consequence of swimmers training in Lochgelly with Fife Development.  It is vital that these discussions are complete and arrangements in place prior to the 17th September so that swimmers don’t miss out on the opportunity of access to more swim time. In the meantime, the Bronze Squad has taken in the following three swimmers from Sharks: William Harper, Scarlett Ferris & Cameron McMaster. Congratulations to all three on their selection to Senior Squad.

  • Megan Cleary is to undertake her Level One Teachers course and she is also looking to do the Team Managers course with Gina too.

  • On 29th August, John Wishart carried out timings with a number of his swimmers to update their 50m times.

  • Discussions are currently underway to have the entire Gold Squad train at the same time on a Thursday evening session. Many of the older swimmers come at 8pm to start their session which runs until 9.45pm. I am hopeful that we can resolve this by having them all swim together, maintaining their squad feel, finish at a more reasonable time of the night  and save 3hrs lane payment a month too which can be utilised elsewhere.

  • More pooltime has been suggested and the option of a one-hour morning session is currently being looked into. Once more information is obtained; this will be circulated more widely.

  • The matter of stop watches for coaches is yet to be resolved. I have discussed the matter at length with Eric Young and he will update the committee accordingly.

Mark Laing, Lead Coach, Cupar and District Swimming Club

2nd September, 2013


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